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Som WallCoverings is a leading brand in wall decoration with years of experience and knowledge. Our company aims to offer a unique interior experience to its customers with quality and original wallpaper designs.

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Som Wallcoverings

Since 1975, we have been dedicated to redefining spaces with the perfect combination of art and quality.

At Som Wallcoverings, we aim to transform walls into an expression of style and elegance. Our wallcovering collection aims to elevate the atmosphere of your living or working spaces by reflecting a harmonious combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Shaped with meticulous detail, our designs tell unique stories through a variety of patterns and a rich color palette. Each wallcovering is an expression of our commitment to deliver aesthetic excellence.

Quality is the foundation of Som wallcoverings. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials, ensuring that our wallcoverings are not only ornamental, but also durable. Strict quality control processes ensure a smooth user experience and lasting beauty in your interiors. Our designs are not only contemporary but also trendsetting, we embrace the future of wall aesthetics with constantly updated and stylish options.

Our mission is to add aesthetics and originality to your walls, to maximize quality standards and to offer our customers a unique interior experience. As Som Wallcoverings, we aim to add value to your living spaces and create an aesthetic atmosphere by combining art and functionality in wall coverings. By adopting a quality, aesthetic and customer satisfaction-oriented approach in every design, we offer solutions that highlight and personalize your walls.

Our vision is to make Som Wallcoverings a leading brand in wall decoration and to exceed our customers' expectations by continuously offering innovative, aesthetic and quality solutions. We aim to be the pioneer of creativity and modernism in wall decoration by leading the changes in the sector with our ever-evolving designs. As a brand that is constantly progressing to make our customers' living spaces more special and meaningful, we aim to make Som wallcoverings the indispensable address of wall aesthetics.