SOM offers its clients an eminently innovative, high-quality and richly-varied product range. Building on the solid experience of the past, SOM delivers products for the future.

Feel The Innovation


Manufacturing vinyl-coated cover materials since 1975, SOM has export sales to more than fifty countries today.Now at our brand new facility with more than forty years of know-how and experience, we produce contemporary, consumer-safe, and ecological wallcoverings in addition to cover materials. The perfect blend of quality, luxury, and elegance, our wallcoverings transform any space into a statement of refinement.

Among our company vision are operational excellence and sustainable growth. Quality of production and customer satisfaction have always been our priority. Our goal is to become the largest exporter of wallcoverings in Turkey and to become the most distinguished national wallcovering brand.


We follow all environmental policies and regulations in the wallcovering industry and make it our top priority to protect the environment. All pastes and inks used in our plant are water-based, meaning no solvents are used which could harm the environment or human health. The hot oil used within the manufacturing process is recycled and re-used. The waste water is drained according to environmental regulations.

As SOM PAPER AND CARDBOARD PROCESSING AND TRADE INC. which designs and manufactures vinyl coated paper and cardboard, Our mission is to strive to fulfill the demands and expectations of our shareholders in accordance with total quality management, to maintain the highest levels of working and living conditions for our employees, and to create “brand loyal” clients drawn to a company that never sacrifices quality. It is among our top priorities to protect the environment, to take all possible precautions for employee safety, and to create a hygienic environment for production. One of our goals is to always strive for the better while maintaining a strict adherence to the current standards and regulations pertaining to the prevention of environmental pollution.